Birgitte Lykke Madsen



Opening Hours:

Wednesday - Saturday: 11.00-18.00




Born in 1960 in Odense, Denmark. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Odense in 1986 and has since 1981 had her own Atelier in Odense.


Birgitte operates in the realm of vitalism, where she explores the synergy between organic spaces and people - and how this reflects internal relations in way which is both subtle and understated.


Birgitte's point of view is rare in the danish art scene, and has in recent years also received international recognition.


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The paintings explore the depth and the color of water and what influence it makes on people. I study, what influence the size of a space between people have on their internal relationships. The crowds of people in the sea show the tranquility, a certain moment in different people´s life suddenly connected through the water.


Painting water sets me free of any limitation concerning room and reality - both in the use of colors as in the depiction. I use oil paint in my works as the nature of oil gives you the possibility to paint both transparent and/or cover the canvas (al prima). Especially in painting the sea, the transparency is important to my expression.


In my work I try to connect to the viewer´s experiences; both to this very moment and to their recalled memories. I try to make them be aware of their being and of their present and get in touch with a certain senced experience in their lives.