Denmark b. 1968

Lise Eggers received her glass-blower education from Orrefors Glasskola in Sweden in 1988.  She graduated from Glas og Keramikskolen on Bornholm (KADK) in 2005. She currently resides on the danish island of Bornholm, and is a member of Arts and Craft Association Bornholm.

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LISE EGGERS originally trained as a glassblower, but often works in solid glass, using kiln casting casting techniques and even shaping hot molten glass by hand.

She consciously seeks to exploit the glass' own qualities, such as optical effects, transparency and perception of depth. She prefers to use an organic design language with references to themes such as life, movement, time and growing. Also she often uses repetition of shapes or pattern in her work.

Group Exhibition Gallerie Lorien:

Dots on the Wall 2018

Global Goals X Art 2019

Loneliness of Man 2021

New Beginnings 2022

Make Life Magic 2022

8 Year Birthday 2022

Bornholmerne Kommer 2023