Dorthe Wolff Sørensen

Born in 1969

Dorthe Wolff Sørensen is a Danish Painter and Sculptor. She has exhibited extensively in the Unites States and Canada, and has received praise for her scenic sculptures and paintings for their interplay with nature.

DortheWolff Sørensen's works are located at the intersection of crafts, design and art. Her expression is sensual and poetic - often with a naive character drawn from nature, animals and fairy-tale world.

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"Nature in all its forms feeds my creativity. I like to work symbolically with the elusive power of animals. Like people, they are expressive, complex, and multi-dimensional: they lend themselves to multi-media applications, and help me express my more dreamlike visions.

Lately I have enjoyed using paradoxes, contradictions, and juxtapositions in magic-realistic landscapes. Examples of this include my painting Spirit Carrots, where giant carrots manifest in a dry stony desert, or Hunter or Prey, where a hare/woman and a four-eyed coyote, has altered their traditional balance of power. Such ironic narratives evoke a surprise and a giggle that seems to sharpen my vision" - Dorthe Wolff Sørensen

Group Exhibitions; Gallerie Lorien