Martin Askholm 

Danish painter and graphic artist Martin Askholm  (b. 1967) received his education at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Martin has for decades been one the most present exponents of contemporary hard-edge pop-painting and graphics.

Concurrent with his figurative art he produces  abstract paintings. In these, he shows a intense complexity and depth which is explored through numerous styles varying from geometric abtraction, colorfield to minimalism. In all styles it is the technical mastership and the mix between brutality and beauty that carries the universe of Martin Askholms art.

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Group Exhibitions; Gallerie Lorien


Dots on the Wall 2018

Martin Askholms art is always changing… in styles, media and approach. The variation is visible from exhibition to exhibition, because he mostly work site-specific for each exhibi because.

For the last couple of years his main focus has been on works on paper - linocuts, woodcuts, drawings, watercolors and gouache on paper.

His works are carried out with an extreme precision and are always focused on colors. In his recent works, gouache on paper, the main theme has been exploration of the relations between vibrant colors and the white paper lines crisscrossing through the work.

Even though it may not occur to the viewer, the recent works of Martin Askholm are very intuitive. In most of the works nothing is planned or mapped out beforehand, not even a sketch. One color is gently applied to be followed of a new color…and so on.

He keeps pushing his own, and the viewers boundaries with vibrant colors, as an alchemist searching for the recipe of gold