Maja Thommen



Born in zürich, switzerland, maja thommen enjoyed her formal artistic education at the accademy of fine arts Carrara during the years 1991-95 in international sculptor’s surroundings.

notwithstanding her staying in northern tuscany - camaiore/pietrasanta - the sculptor, who soon turned away from marble to dedicate her passion to bronze, developped her exhibition activity since 1996 mostly in the germanspeaking countries, above all switzerland.

in the past 3 years most of the realized sculptures have been basreliefs in acrylic resin or concrete, which combine archaïc with contemporary techniques and whose delicate surfaces vibrate in soft light.

maja thommen’s interest, which always circles around the human interior life, expresses itself on one hand in series of small scale work, on the other hand in lifesize interactive sculptures, which have been showed and installed in public places.

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Opening Hours:

Wednesday - Saturday: 11.00-18.00