Arje Griegst



The Danish goldsmith Arje Griegst is considered to be one of the worlds finest and most original artists. His works bear the mark of a wealth of fantasy and form. His technical ability is unsurpassable. He works materials giving the surface an organic and varied expression. Seemingly another dimension in which threads of imagination convey life to the material.


Arje Griegst (B. 1938), employs in his work a partiality for seldom-used stones and oriental pearls. He received his education at Copenhagen's Academy of Arts and Crafts, and has taught at the Academy of Arts and Crafts in Jerusalem. In recent years he has done several beautiful works for the Queen of Denmark. In addition to his work in gold, Arje Griegst is also known for his famous seashell inspired Triton porcelain - designed for the Royal Porcelain Factory, his glasses for Holmegaard Glass, as well as the gilded Coral Water Fountain in Tivoli.

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