Awang Behartawan



F r a c t a l s  are  everywhere - In  humans,  animals,  plants  and  in life itself.

Fractal is a form of c o n t i n u a l i t y  and repetition. My artwork has been

on a journey from the beginning until now, where it visually is very different.

Also because of what I saw and felt during the creative process.  In  my new artworks I combine all my earlier styles,  to  create  the  concept and theme, “F R A C T A L”


Fractal itself lives within us and our daily lives. Others can also experience my experience.  Only in another time  and place.

What happens to others, I will experience in another time and place  maybe,

but essentially the same.

My  artworks  have much to say about what happens to us.  Throughout  life

we continue to experience new things.   It  only  ends  when  death   arrives.


Daily life is interesting to me- What I see, what I feel and what I experience.

In 2015 I was inspired  to  work  with F R A C T A L as  concept  and  theme.


We all lived from the beginning until now. It will never stop at any point, the process of life.

Life will continue through the past, the present and the future. Sustainability

and repetition - that’s life.

Whether it’s in the tradition, c u s t o m, life or even technological advances.

Life will present itself even in a different time and place.

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