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                                                                       Update - on Covid-19 situation.

In the light of the latest developments in our country - as well as the rest of the world. I feel it is my duty to support the health system by minimizing the spread of the virus as much as we possibly can - we therefor close the gallery untill 17th of April - 2020.  
I have collected all the small art works we have - and will post photos on the social media, this way we can check out the world of online sales of art :-) - if that is possible.
Not only for us in the art world - but for everyone this will be a challenging period.
I will do my very best to make sure the gallery will open again whenever we get green light.

For any questions - or requests, please contact me :

Stay safe out there - 

  Upcoming Exhibition:  - Trio - Art Brut: v Kell Jarner, Thue Møller Hylle & Giuseppe De Bellis. - 17th of April 2020. 18.30

Gallerie Lorien

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