Italy b. 1993

 Pietrasanta, Italy. Educated at Instituto Artisti- co “Stagio Stagi” di Pietrasanta in 2012. Expert in various sculptural techniques, such as molding and casting in various materials.

The sculpture depicts a sea turtle - an animal that has be- come to me a symbol of the suffering of marine animals. The surface of the sea turtle is covered with hundreds of ”Greek eyes” pearls, as a symbol of how the animal tries to protect itself from the evil eyes of human and from all the negative influences it encounters in its habitat. This is also an inter- pretation of Aboriginal art from Australia, of which I am very intrigued. The sea turtle is in a transparent material - and inside it are various materials which have been collected on the Italian beaches of northern Tuscany - such as plastic, glass, aluminum - these materials which eventually mean the end of the marine animal.

Group Exhibitions: Gallerie Lorien

Global Goals X Art 2019

Loneliness of Man 2021

Make Life Magic 2022 

8 Year Birthday 2022