Gallerie Lorien offers consultancy services within the realm of bronze, aluminum and brass production for artistic and architectural purposes. Gallerie Lorien has more than 20 years of experience from working with the best bronze foundries in Italy. We can facilitate production of all sculptural and industrial pieces from miniature to monumental. Gallerie Lorien offers consultancy services, for all stages of production; from up and down sizing, finish, retouching, to the selection of color during patination and selections of metals. 

The Gallery works with a smaller familyrun foundry in Pietrasanta.

Creation of a Sculpture.  A trailer about the bronce production. Made by Carlsenfilm.



Due to our considerable expertise gained from more than 20 years working with the best stonemasons in Italy. Gallerie Lorien offers comprehensive consultancy services for artists and architects for whom the craft of stonemasonry is not a speciality.  We can facilitate production of all sculptural, architectural and industrial pieces. Gallerie Lorien offers consultancy services, for all stages of production from up and down sizing, finish, retouching, polishing, to the selection of stones, bases and installation.


Gallerie Lorien’s mission is to collaborate with our clients to create visually dynamic, compelling, and well conceived art programs. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of both residential and corporate clients, just as we provide  advisory services for interior designers, architects, and private collectors. Whether you are interested in purchasing a single work, or if you are implementing or expanding a comprehensive art program, we integrate our flexibility, responsiveness, and discerning eye to deliver powerful customized art solutions that eloquently express your culture, values, and vision.


We offer our services within the area of photography, but also with video productions - facilitated by our partners.

We can create photoshopped interior & exterior visuals to show exposées of future art products in order to comprehend the final outlook. Most photos produced for Gallerie Lorien & presented on this site are copyright of Tina Lorien and the videos featured on the site are produced by CarlsenFilm & Zsuzsa Varga.