Denmark b. 1937

Artistically he is autodidact.

From the outset, he has been an avowed supporter of the geometric flat painting that was originally characterized as "concrete art . He goffers no associations with the tangible reality, but bases his image on the geometrically shaped figures and clean clear luminous colors.

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The concrete painting

"In my pictorial compositions I work with a balanced dynamic interplay between form and color. Inspired by music I try to find the rhythmic elasticity of the colors, an internal connection, one color anticipated in its predecessor binding them together as a unity."

The intens homogeneous flats brings out the strength between the colors in my paintings and serigraphs where as my gouaches have a more sketchlike expression.

The forms and colors in my ornamentations are created to inject new and positive energy to its surroundings and my glasswork catching the ever changing flow of light.

"I enjoy the rhythm in the play of forms and color. What music offers the ear, concrete art let the eye see.“

Solo Exhibitions: Gallerie Lorien

OFH // Retrospektiv 2016

OFH // Helt Konkret 2021

Group Exhibitions:

Dots on the Wall 2018


New Beginnings 2022

Summer Bornholm 2022

8 Year Birthday 2022

Bornholmerne Kommer 2023