Sonia Ben Slimane Besada is a Spanish and Tunisian painter and ceramist, who was born in 1996 in Tunis, Tunisia.

She studied art in Paris, Limoges, before moving to Copenhagen where she is currently working.


Sonia works using different media, such as painting, ceramic, drawing, sculpture, writing etc.

She likes to represent her own vision of the universe, to play with it, to recreate it, she has subconsciouslycreated her own universe over time. A somewhat absurd, dreamlike universe, always trying to push the limits of her imagination.


The works you see are a result of the people she's met, the trips she has been on and the reasearch she had done.

She has exhibited in Tunis, Paris, Copenhagen and have also participated in the Beirut Art Fair 2019 with the gallery La La Lande.

Group Exhibitions:


New Beginnings 2022

8 Year B-Day exhibition 2022

Bornholms Kunstrunde 2023