Sweden B. 1976

Atelier in Vienna,

2007 – 2010

Atelier in Berlin,

2004 – 2006

Göteborgs Art School, Painting 2003 – 2004

Wiks Folkhögskola, Painting

2002 – 2003

Wiks Folkhögskola,

Picture and shape

2001– 2002

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"The aspect of waiting plays a central role in my paintings. Those who await, in temporal time and space, on the road, stuck in a specific state and in specific frames, unvolentarily."

"I observe in diverse and distinct environments. Train stations, subway systems, benches, city squares."

"The painting is both a process, and a search. The canvas seems to hide its final destination until the very last moment, with impasse lurking. I seek harmony between colour, form and line, and I am in pursuit of the contrast between brittle and coarse. The canvas is an enigma, which attracts and fascinates me."

"I am caught up in solving the mystery."


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