After Graduating from highschool, he was admitted to Ankara State Conservatory for voice training. In 1981 he graduated from Cemil Sökmen's class with high grade and started working as solo artist in Istanbul State Opera ve Ballet. He performed in several national concerts with a wide range of repertory, which includes songs written in the 17th century asa well as contemporary.

Other than Art Direction, Arikan  continued to be a solo artist and educator at the Haliç University State Conservatory, after Minar Sinan and Istanbul University Arikan also had a deep interest in art, rather than munut and has had  five solo exhibitions.

"The most important feature of culture is how it is affected both by time, and and by when the time is right.  Nonetheless the scale of time seems exaggerated to me. I admire items of the past within their own context, and I evaluate them based on their own time of creation. Their placement in time and space requires synthesis.

As for myself… Every inch of me changes each day. Just like my paintings. It allows a longer life. Some people believe the diversity either normal or unique. To me, it simply means amusement. The pains I feel before starting a new painting turns into enthusiasm upon completion. Watercolors, pastels, drawings, acrylic or oil paint, paper or canvas, or any other medium I find - I am drawn in, as a moth to a flame.

Inside the painting I find my life. I find myself. The places where I drink and eat. Life and death. The perspectives create. I do not know the people around me, yet they spawn in my notebook.

I create lyrics in my paintings. Compositions and composers. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Bellini and many more… Objects considered trash resonance in my imagination. Life events fuel my abstract expression. My paintings are projections that summarize my life. Life unfolds as the paintings evolve."

(Suat Arikan, 2016).

Solo Exhibition: Gallerie Lorien

WORKS FROM 2008- 2016. 2017

Group Exhibitions:


Summer Bornholm 2022

8 Year Birthday 2022