Amanda Vedsted

Drejer (DK)

Dk  B. 1995

Amanda Vedsted Drejer is a Danish painter and occasional muralist who was born and raised in the countryside of Fyn. After living in Venezuela, Chile and Copenhagen, she now has her base in Nexø, Bornholm, from where she works.

Amanda is first and foremost a painter, and has lost her heart to water- based materials like gouache and watercolor. She finds great joy in not knowing exactly what unfolds on the paper, and let’s the wild paints guide her in new, unexpected directions.

She mostly portrays humans, especially those who present themselves in feminine ways. She loves playing with our expectations of love, relationships, and our notions of masculinity and femininity. She often overdimensions the body and facial characteristics, and situates her humans in enclosed, colourful interiors and lush gardens. She does this to give her humans the space to express themselves authentically.

Amanda has exhibited on Bornholm and in Copenhagen, and is currently enrolled at Nordiska Bildskolan in Kungälv, Sweden where she will study fine arts in the coming year

Group Exhibitions:

Bornholmerne Kommer 2023

ChristmasNewYearsgallla 24Bornholmerne Kommer II 2024

Duo; Skønhedens Skrøbelighed m Linea Høiby