INDIA B. 1984

Swapnil Srivastava is an accomplished artist with a passion for blending realism and surrealistic symbolic nuances to express her emotions and experiences. Swapnil holds a master's degree in visual arts and has relocated to Denmark with family. She prefers oil as painting medium, though she also works with acrylics, watercolor, and charcoal. She has a deep interest in portraiture, still life, landscape painting & traditional wash painting.

Swapnil’s works are deeply inspired by her personal experiences, surroundings, and emotions. Art is an integral part of her life, and she believes that the two are intimately connected. Art serves as a reflection of her unique perspective and allows her to express feelings and ideas in a creative and powerful way. As she continues to create, her style and subject matter evolve and change over time, but commitment to using her art as a means of personal expression will remain constant. 

She is committed to the creative process, constantly seeking new ways to challenge herself and push the boundaries of art. Whether she is exploring a new medium or technique, collaborating with other artists, or exhibiting Her work in public spaces, she is always driven by a desire to create meaningful and impactful art. 

Swapnil’s artworks are exhibited & collected all over the world. And her Work “In the race of Existence” was the winner of a National award in India where She stood as a first female artist in 27 years of competition history. For Swapnil, Life is Art & Art is Life.

Group Exhibitions:

Make Life Magic 2022

8 Year Birthday 2022

Bornholms Kunstrunde 2023