Denmark b. 1971

Peter Basse is a self-taught painter and is a founder of the bread adventure of the “Basse brothers.” Since his childhood he has been fascinated by “the painting” – and as he has ricocheted from one creative environment to another he has been able to develop his very own singularity on the canvas. Peter works in a multifaceted universe and he stubbornly insists on portraying the inner world in a colorful and humoristic stroke.

Solo Exhibitions; Gallerie Lorien

// Udvalgte Værker 2018

// Gentleman Trio 2023

Group Exhibitions: Gallerie Lorien


Trio: Peter Basse, Bent Holstein & Kell Jarner 2016

Global Goals X Art 2019

Art Brut Trio 2020

Manden & Hunden 2020

Loneliness of Man 2021

Proust Festival 2021


New Beginnings 2022

Summer Bornholm 2022

8 Year Birthday 2022