Sabir Mallick

Born in 1981 in New Delhi, India.

Sabir Mallick owns and operates a travel company out of New Delhi, that specializes in trekking and diverse tourism tours in India and Nepal.  Sabir excels in portrait and reportage photography from all regions of India. 


Sabir Mallick specializes in portraits and reportage photography from the vast regions of India and Nepal. Through his jobs, he documents and explores parts of India, unknown to tourists, and with a penetrating lens he captures the immense world of color and soul that are the Indian people. One of Sabir’s virtues as a photographer, is that he, aspires to portray the diversity of India, from the tribes of the Thar desert, to the wildlife of the Indian forests, the tranquility and mysterious Ganges river and the fast paced life and modernity of Delhi. Through simplicity, sensibility and a deep rooted understanding of Indian culture and society, Sabir’s photographs will take the observer on a journey to uncharted territory.

Group Exhibitions; Gallerie Lorien

Sparks from India 2015

Sparks from India w. friends 2017