Vibeke Kassow (DK)

An oldwell-know technique and, someone thinks, something, who gives assimilation too nightschools, black coffee and soft bread.

But look just once!

Vibeke Kassows fabriccollages is damed so new,so fresh, so untraditionael, and so contemporary trustworthy,that it is a pleasure.

Her visual express is fertile and fanciful,and her motives is, yes,what shall one actual say? 

Wacky, it would be a good guss.

Childrenbuttumred lobster, bigbreasted wimen, lasy hippies, cassanovaer, flerce dogs, ladybirds, vicious dogs,weird catmothers and cosy spiders mixes with sharp parellels too the politics of today, greed, cowardnes and common stupidity. 

And ups, do we not find the married couple Arnolfini from Van Eycks famous renaissancepainting, but in modern, deconstructed, down-on-earth edition.

But her view for all sorts of idiosyncrasies a surreal imagination, a luxurious humor, and a playing and inspired approach too the materialis Vibeke Kassow a very exited and very different artist, one of them, who makes an impression long after you have seen herpicktures

Group Exhibitions; Gallerie Lorien

Dots on the Wall 2018